Ways in which Data Security can be handled by a BPO Company

The current trend in the industry is delegating the work of the company to the business process outsourcing companies and this trend is increasing in the market has established its area. Delegating the to BPO doesn’t mean that the company itself isn’t doing anything, it actually means assigning a significant amount of work to the BPO and expects quality results from the same. Now the question occurs is that what about data security? The client companies always wonder whether their data is secure with the BPO companies or not. In recent years companies have faced major breaches around the world causing the Telemarketing companies to lose millions of dollars.
There are many ways the issue of data security can be handled by the BPO company and also assure their clients that their data is safe-:
Employ an IT team which is dedicated 24/7: A team of monitor bandwidth activity is always dedicated to work in a reputed BPO company, this, in turn, helps to also ensure that there is no user data being compromised. The BPO companies also must ensure that every server that is put into their use is well-encrypted and it so happens that even if one of the servers goes down the other servers must quickly revive the system and take its place so that one can tackle further loss of data.
Applying strict data security policy: The employees working in the BPO must be fully aware of the responsibility they undertake while handling a client data and how one must present the data as it was given to them with utmost care. If the client data is manipulated then one can face severe penalties and legal actions.
Following the correct guidelines: One must certify the company to ISO so that the company to follow the ISO guidelines and standards to meet the client requirement. Looking at the ISO certificate of the company, the client gets assurance over their data is secure.
Above ways are some of the most basic ones that a BPO can undertake while handling a client data but all these small steps of data security constitute to a bigger goal of a healthy and data secured environment. Strict rules of not bringing phones, laptops, flash drives etc. at the workplace area which can store or transfer client data. If ever any important conversation is noted down on a piece of paper by the employee from the customer, one should immediately shred the piece of paper to secure client data.
One must always remember that if the BPO companies follow stringent rules in data security the client will have faith that their data is secure.
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