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Inbound Customer Service

The difference between the Customer Service and the inbound customer service is that the inbound customer service is a platform which is used by most of the companies to provide high-quality services to their customers on call. In this fast-paced and technology-oriented world, customers look forward to solving their problems in a short span of time.

We provide inbound customer services which help you to resolve customer problems. We have a dedicated team of well-trained and experienced agents along with advanced infrastructure in managing and retaining your current customer and potential customers.

Inbound Sales Support

Inbound sales are where the customers contact the organization to inquire about a product or service. These days, inbound sales are becoming more profitable as compared to the traditional outbound sales.

We have a well-trained team which are exclusively experienced to handle such calls so that they could explain the features and benefits of the client’s products or services.

Our inbound sales support team helps in turning 90% of these inbound calls converted into sales. Our sales executives are well equipped in terms of the client’s product or services knowledge and strategically are able to clarify customer’s doubts and also explain the benefit of the products.

Product Support Service

Any customer has to be treated like “a king or a queen”. If the business or a company provides a good customer service which is adaptable to the demands and queries of the customers then they have consistent growth. If companies ignore the needs of the customer and are an unproductive, inattentive and expensive then it is a big neglect on part of the company.

It’s easy to have a customer but is hard to have a repeat customer. But a good customer service desk can help in retaining current customers as well as convert the potential customers into repeat customers.

Customer Service Desk

Nowadays it has become inevitable to sell software products, digital devices and electronic items without assured technical support along with them. If your business wants to retain its customers by making them continuously assure and providing them consistent support so that they can make use of the product to the fullest, then they need the help of a technical support team for the same.

Customers are generally keen to buy products if they have an added support of the technical team besides them to support. Here we come for your support as we provide you with a customized technical support function for software products, electronic products or any other special types of equipment. Our services are customized so that we can fully cater to various time zones, languages and skills. Our technical training department will get formal training about your products and its benefits for the potential customers and will impart the same to their team.

Email Customer Support

Email has become one of the major communication media, and hence it is very important for the companies to reply to an email from any vendor, customer or a client. Sometimes it becomes a tedious tasks for large companies to answer all the emails which arrive in abundance per day. Hence,  you need BPO company support for answering these emails.

Our professional team will help you answer all the emails with politeness, grammatically correct, and an affable manner. Also, our team will handle all types of e-mail be it from the vendor, customers, or a client. Our team always prioritizes the needs of the customer and is always ready to deal with the customers in a polite and professional manner.

Chat Support Services

Since the customers of today, need an instant reply to everything they are browsing, chat support services create an opportunity to reply to the customers instantly. This, in turn, makes customer browsing and navigation more smooth, because they can chat with customer support while browsing the product details. The chat can be about any product/service related query, about buying a specific product or service, or a request for a call back by a potential seller.

Most of the chat support helps to retain 20-30% customers who often drop out after looking at the business websites. The customers are always on the lookout for quick answers, and hence we provide chat support services including technical support. Our chat support services are not limited to specific websites, in fact, it can be applicable to any type of website. Our chat support teams are well trained professionals, with an experience to deal with any type of customer query or inquiry.

After Hours Call Answering

In this competitive market, we cannot risk losing any calls. The missed calls can be from a potential customer who want to inquire  a product, from a vendor who wants to help us in improving our product or services, from a helpful customer who wants to give feedback about our service or product, from a customer who wants to appreciate our services, from a person who has called as job opportunity or a client, wants to give some suggestions. afford to miss a single call, because they can be important for a company’s growth and development. If we lose these calls, we may lose many opportunities.

It has been seen that most of the potential customers hang up when they listen to voicemail. These can be the current customers who are the backbone of the business or the customers who could increase the revenue of the business.

For dealing with such calls we provide services like telephone answering services, agent-assisted IVR support services and professional inbound support services which answer the call 24*7 and also reverts if there happens to be a missed call.